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“Terms Of Service.”

  1. No Spam Ever - No unsolicited email (spam) is to be sent via our systems at anytime. This includes but is not limited to affiliates, list owners promoting their lists, or others promoting a list owners list for them. We have a simple policy which is in the best interest of all list owners and members. Spam and your account will be terminated without refund. If you need help growing your lists, simply email us here

  2. Banned Message Types - At no time should you allow any member to send mail concerning porn, adult, warez, illegal chain letters, criminal activity, anti-religious, anti-government or any illegal scheme or scam. Please remove anyone doing this from your lists immediately and report them here

  3. List Email Additions - List members can only be added via the correct signup forms located in your admin control panel. If you want us to import lists for you you MUST provide the members first and last name, contact email address, desired username and desired password. 

  4. Remove Links - All emails sent by members MUST, by law, contain an unsubscribe link. Unsubscribe links are automatically inserted into all outgoing emails for your convenience. 

  5. Mailing Frequency - As a list owner you can mail to your own lists up to 5 times a day, however we suggest you do not abuse this privilege as you could annoy a lot of members.

  6. Sponsor Links - All sales sites, login pages, sign up pages,
    password change pages, validation pages and other member utilized pages will contain references to sites owned and operated by DamnSmart Mail, DamnSmart Ideas or JPE Advertising or its subsidiaries. There will be no more then 4 links at any one time, (2 at the top 2 at the bottom), to sites owned and operated by JPE advertising and you agree to have these links on your list admin sales site and understand that they are part of the DamnSmart Mail script. This is one of the many ways we keep our prices affordable for you.

  7. Important - DamnSmart Mail reserves the right to terminate, without refund or liability, the list owner membership, accounts and lists of any list owner who does not adhere strictly to the above rules and run their lists accordingly. List Owners will however be contacted first and given the opportunity to defend themselves before any action is taken. 

    All cancelled lists, or lists that the list owner has stopped paying for, will become the property of JPE Advertising and will be administered by JPE Advertising, it's subsidiaries and or it's agents or employees for the benefit of list members who have a legal right to send mail on the list since they either joined the list free voluntarily or they paid to join it.  

    If you wish to transfer the list to a new hosting company you need to provide us with the following information. Hosting company name, contact email address and the date the mailing service will commence and we will send the database to the new hosting company so they can import it for you. This way we can ensure that no list members are without a mailing service.  

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We can have your new, profitable, safelist hosting account set up within 24-48 hours!

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