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Fast, Reliable, Contact list Hosting. Super fast servers. 100% verified double Opt-In, Subscribers. 100% CanSpam Act 2004 Compliant!

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Need to contact downline members quickly about an exciting new offer, opportunity, or product you discovered?

Building a quality contact list has never been easier!

In fact, to show you how profitable owing your own list can be, we'll make you an irresistible offer and give you...

5 contact lists for the price of one
But you must order today!

To succeed online you need your our own contact list. All top marketers agree. Now you can build your own contact list fast without the hassles of running your own list management system. Damn Smart Mail does all the heavy lifting for you. 

You can make serious money with your own contact list, just imagine how much money you could make with...

5 contact lists for the price of one!

Here's the dilemma you face...

You spend all your time building downlines in various programs, gathering business leads and contacts but many times you don't have an effective way to keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Constant contact is essential if you want to build a vibrant and lasting business online.

But suppose the opportunity cancels your membership for some reason, or goes out of business. All you hard work of building a downline is lost.

Don't let your hard work and money spent gathering prospects go down the drain! Now there's a much easier and cost effective way to stay in touch.

Here's the solution...

You can end this vicious cycle today, capitalize on your hard earned work, and put cash in your pocket, for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Order your contact list today
and we'll give you 5 contact lists for the price of one!

We've even waived the $50.00 set-up fee to help you
get started today! 

Here's what you can do with your own contact list...


  • You can invite your members, business contacts, prospects and leads to join your new contact list. They can join as free members or paid members. The choice is yours!

  • You can mail to your members anytime you want through our super fast, state-of-the-art servers. You receive your own personal admin mailing panel that is so easy to use even a chimp can do it! :-)

  • If you have members in different programs, and you want to separate them, you can have up to 5 separate lists and access all your lists through one simple admin panel.

  • You can give your lists personalized names to target them to a particular group or audience.

  • The best part is your new contact list are verified double optin, CanSpam Act 2003 compliant, and 100% safe.

    But wait, there's more...

You can stuff CA$H in your pocket with your new contact lists...

Here's how!

  • First, you can sell memberships to your contact lists and easily cover your hosting fee.

  • You can give away free memberships to your contact lists, grow your lists fast and have more people to send your offers to. Your members get to send to other members list addresses. YOU are the only one who can contact your members at their contact address!

  • You can sell banner or text advertising space on all your lists and earn multiple streams of revenue. Banner and text ads appear on the page that loads after your members send their emails so they are clearly visible. You can even sell rotating banner ads which appear on high-traffic pages such as the signup and login pages of your lists. These are prime advertising positions and can be very lucrative.

  • You can sell contact solo ads to your members. We'll even announce your list to our entire database to let our members know there's a new list in town if you want us to.

  • Your earning potential is limited only by your imagination.

  • Click here to see more great benefits...

    Order your contact list here

Okay, so you're ready to order your contact list, what next?

Here are 2 ways to proceed...

1. I have my own website...

If you have your own sales website we will set your list up within 48 hours and send you the signup and login links to place on your site pages. You'll need to know something about html and webpage design to do this. All you need to do is order your lists today and pay only the $30.00 monthly hosting fee.

Order your contact list here

2. I don't have my own website...

If you need a cash-cranking sales website, we'll design a killer sales site with more ways to make money, and have your site ready-to-take-orders, in 7-10 business days. Your new sales site will look like this site except it will be custom designed with your own list name, logo, and links.

For this option you will need your own domain name and a website hosting company. We will be happy to recommend some excellent providers to you if you don't have any of these.

Order your sales site here


You can make serious money with your own contact list, just imagine how much money you could make with...

5 Contact Lists for the price of one!

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